Pre-game notes: Senators vs. Bruins 1/31/2012

Alright kids, vacation is over.  The glitz and glamour from All-Star Weekend has faded, Scott Hartnell still hasn’t figured out how to style his hair, and the Bruins have to get back to the daily grind. As we all settle down on our couches, or in the stadium for three full periods of screaming, we’ll all have one giant question on our minds: Is our defense actually going to show up?

The last few games have been absolutely dismal for the defense, just letting goals in left and right like it ain’t no thing. Sure, we could blame the goal-tending but you’d be crazier than Carey Price to say that, considering we have one of (if not the best) goalie tandem in the league.

So lets take a look at reasons why this is happening:

1. Andrew Ference is suspended: This isn’t a legitimate reason though. As good as Andrew Ference may be, its hard to believe that he’s sustaining the entire defense. That being said, Kampfer hasn’t exactly been helping this situation. Sure, he fights hard out there but he just isn’t filling Ference’s shoes and lets not even talk about how the poor kid cannot keep his head up out there. Quit looking at your feet like a nerd in gym class Steve!

2. They’re tired: This is far more plausible than the first reason. We’re halfway through the season now, and the boys went through a pretty heavy schedule leading up to the break, with basically 5 games in one week. And the Caps game? Lets face it, that game was the equivalent of having one day of school left before Christmas break. Mentally checked out. Or should I say, defensively checked out.

Basically, either the defense shows up and crushes it or Shawn Thornton left Joe Corvo and his bellybutton tattoo on the sandy beaches of Turks & Caicos.

As far as lines go, expect similar lines to the Capitals game, with adjustments if they’re not cutting it.

Lucic – Krejci – Peverley

Marchand – Bergeron – Seguin

Pouliot – Hamill – Kelly

Paille – Campbell – Thornton

As far as defense? Julien probably isn’t even too sure at this point. Something isn’t jiving, so look to see what pairings take the ice tomorrow night.

If the Bruins want to make a statement concerning this weeks fiasco, they’ll be putting our lovely mustached All-Star between the pipes. No question about it. Also, that way when Timmy slaps Alfredsson’s shots out of the air like a boss, Senators fans can cry abut how Alfredsson is old and deserved the goal. Timmy thrives on tears…and cheeseburgers.

I was reserving this portion of the post for openly mocking the Ottawa Senators but the fact is they’re only 4 points behind us in the conference, which is much more than Montreal can say. The good thing? They’re coming into town on a 3 game losing streak, they haven’t won against us yet this season, and the tears from the Sedin’s haven’t quite dried on Alfredsson’s jersey yet. Did I mention that they were dumb enough to hand us Chris Kelly on a silver platter? Yeah, that.


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