10 Thoughts 2/1/12

1. Is anybody else obsessed with Elliotte Friedman’s ’30 Thoughts’ columns like I am? This is supposed to be my own version of those, obviously without “insider knowledge”. I just like to hear myself talk.
2.  The trade deadline isn’t as far away as you may think it is and Peter Chiarelli is sure to make some moves to increase the Bruins’ depth. Their depth past their starting lineup is relatively weak and he has been vocal about looking for more depth at forward AND at defense. Zach Hamill and Jordan Caron (their 13th and 14th forwards) and Steve Kampfer (7th defenseman) have been good ENOUGH but if there are significant injuries during the playoffs I’m not sure they have the stuff to help carry this team deep again.
3. Peter Chiarelli has expressed interest in Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Tim Gleason and center Tuomo Ruutu. Since Gleason signed a contract extension he is ostensibly off the market, though Ruutu is definitely still available. However, the Hurricanes are asking for a 1st round pick and a top prospect in return for his acquisition. Them’s Kaberle prices. Seriously, that’s exactly what the Bruins paid to get Kaberle.
4. Ruutu is  15-11–26, on pace for 40 points. The Bruins are STACKED at the center position. Their entire 2nd line is comprised of natural centers playing out of position (and excelling at it). Ruutu is also a UFA when this season ends. Do we need another center for that asking price? Especially when there’s a chance he might just be a rental? Do not want.
5. Twitter was in a tizzy last night because Paul Gaustad asked Max Paccioretty “where’s Chara?” during a game, to which the Habs responded “where were you when Lucic ran Miller?”. Of course the word “classless” got thrown around. Newsflash: people say awful things to each other on the ice during hockey games. I’m really not sure there’s much that’s off limits where they’re concerned, barring racial slurs. I saw people who think Gaustad should be suspended! That’s just nonsense. Not going to happen.
6. Really though it’s kind of hilarious that two teams fighting for last place in the Eastern Conference need to use the Bruins to drudge up bad blood.
7. Minnesota AND Toronto both gave up a 3 goal lead and lost their respective games. Bruins fans feel you guys.
8. Is there anybody more terrifying in a fight than Adam McQuaid? Guy just smiles at you while he beats you senseless.
9. Speaking of McQuaid, he’s hurt again, so we’re looking at more ice time for Kampfer. He has not been as bad as you think. If he performs well… trade bait?
10. Apologies for the lack of post-game analysis last night, we got caught up in other things.

– Andrea


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