Pre-game notes: Hurricanes vs. Bruins 2/2/2012

Big game tonight. Humangous beeg game tonight.  Yes, I’m being completely serious.  It doesn’t matter that Carolina is dead last in the Eastern Conference, even behind a team that self-destructed months ago.  It doesn’t matter that their goal differential is -32 while ours is +70.  None of that matters when we can’t beat them.

This is our last chance to beat the Hurricanes this season. The last hurrah. Walking away with a loss tonight means being swept by a team with almost as many losses as the Bruins have wins.  This would be the first time in Carolina franchise history.  So lets keep that from happening tonight eh boys?

The key to tonight’s game? Offense. The offense needs to come out in full force and rack the goals up early. Everyone turning into bumbling Scott Gomez’s who run from the puck isn’t going to help us win this game. The defense and goaltender can only do so much. When the Bruins lose to Carolina, they lose by a single goal. Its aggravating. Show up for more than 20 minutes and maybe the B’s will have a shot in hell at winning tonight. Stop considering Carolina to be a joke team, even though they are, and work hard. The Bruins do the impossible of making Carolina look good.

The only other concern about playing the Hurricanes tonight? Losing control of emotions. Lets not forget what happened the first time the Hurricanes and Bruins met this season:

This should be an easy win tonight. Key word being should.

Projected lineups:

Lucic – Krejci – Peverley

Marchand – Bergeron – Seguin

Pouliot – Hamill – Kelly

Paille – Campbell – Thornton

Chara – Boychuk

Seidenberg – Corvo

McQuaid – Ference

Expect Tuukka in net tonight. Lets hope for Tuukka time, maybe even a shutout.

Final thoughts:

Will Zach Hamill score his first NHL goal tonight? Hope so. Kid battles so hard every night, he’s just never in the right place when it comes to goal scoring. It’ll happen eventually.

Do Eric Staals parents acknowledge that he is their son? With two other sons on teams that actually win and have a shot in the playoffs this year, they probably don’t bother.



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