Zach Hamill placed on waivers, now what?

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Zach Hamill was placed on waivers today. After a poor showing against the Pens and a healthy scratch against the Caps, Zach was met with packed bags and a bus ticket back to Providence. With Nathan Horton still on the mend, that means Jordan Caron will be filling a spot on the roster until he’s back. Is Caron really the better option at this point? Lets take a look.

Zach Hamill

The stats machine is not kind to Zach Hamill. Not kind at all. If you were someone that didn’t watch the games and just looked at stats, you’d be asking why the hell Hamill gets the chance to play with the Bruins. Having played 16 games for the B’s this season, two less than Jordan Caron, the young center has no goals. Its disappointing, but at least the B’s aren’t forking over $7.5 million dollars for that goose egg. He does however have two assists and a plus/minus of +3, which is simply result of being on the ice at the right time. It would appear that after 4 years with the Providence Bruins, he’s more of an assist guy anyway. During his 2010-2011 season with them, he ended the year with 43 points, 34 of those points being assists. The year before that? 30 assists. Hamill seems to be more comfortable setting someone up for a goal rather than taking one for himself. Although at this point, I’m sure he’s infinitely more frustrated than we are with his lack of production. AHL talent doesn’t always translate to NHL talent though. Putting stats aside for a second, the kid plays with a ridiculous amount of heart, giving 110% every time he takes the ice. Sometimes the heart and effort doesn’t cut it though.

Jordan Caron

After yesterdays win over the Capitals, Caron has officially dressed for 18 games this season. He’s notched 2 goals, 2 assists, and 17 shots on net. Not too shabby for someone who spends a good amount of his time trying not to get mustard on his tie up in the press box. Its not great either. Down in Providence he has 4 goals and 9 assists in 17 games. He has some amazing potential but when he takes NHL ice, he’s forgettable. He skates his shift and then goes back to the bench, nothing special going on there. With the offense in somewhat of a dry-spell, this is not what the Bruins need. He is however, a big kid that takes the body. Caron is good at aiding in breaking up the opponents offense, and when our defense is floundering they desperately need all the help they can get.

Step back and look at the big picture. They are practically interchangeable. Caron scores goals while Hamill helps create opportunities to score goals. If we could just take these two mediocre AHL-ers and morph them into one giant FrankenBruin, he’d be unstoppable. Since that isn’t possible (yet), we can only hope that one of them finds their offensive groove and starts producing consistently. The idea of one of them having to step in during the playoffs should slightly scare all of you. And don’t even get me started on Kampfer.

Shoutout to Days of Y’Orr for the picture.



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