Pre-game notes: Bruins vs. Buffalo 2/7/2012

For the past three days, New England has been weeping about the Patriots losing the SuperBowl. Its time to let that loss go and hop on the Bruins bandwagon for the remainder of the season. Going into tomorrow nights game, the Bruins are 3 points away from the top of the Eastern Conference. Its so close, I can taste it. Sundays 4-1 victory over the Capitals showed a lot of promise. The lines were all cray but guess what, they produced. Sweet goals raining down on the Capitals.  I’m hoping upsetting Ovechkin nourishes the Bruins as much as it does me. If so, they will be riding high going into Buffalo. Hide your children and board up your windows, the Bruins are in town.

Before we get into an analysis of this game, I need to complain about something so bear with me. When questioned by the media about Nathan Horton, Claude Julien had a tantrum this morning and said he wasn’t answering any more questions regarding his health. Its understandable that it would get tiring always being asked, but lets be real for a second. This is Horton’s second concussion in less than a year, he’s been out for what seems like forever, and we don’t have another forward to make up for him being out. People are concerned. Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals is flashing in our minds. Just field the questions, even if you have nothing new to say. Thank god Crosby isn’t on our team, or Handsome Ralph would have burned down half of Boston by now in anger.

Alright now down to business. Where do I even begin with Buffalo.  Its like they had a meeting at the beginning of the season and brainstormed how to lessen themselves as a “respectable” hockey team. It started with Ryan Miller openly weeping about getting hit by Lucic and has brought us to them putting their coach Lindy Ruff  as “day-to-day” on the Sabres website. They’re getting acquainted with Montreal and Carolina at the bottom of the Conference and have an absolutely dismal goal differential. With more losses than wins, this should be easy for the  B’s.  Just hope that Carolina hasn’t passed along the dark magic that allows them to continuously beat the Bruins.

Please, PLEASE let him start in net tomorrow. Watching him fall apart would be amazing. And learn how to pronounce Looch’s name you clown.

Players to watch

I’m not doing Buffalo Sabres because there is no “Players to watch cry” section.

The Lucic-Kelly-Peverley line-  This line excites me. Its the perfect mix of players. Kelly is good in the face-off circle and creating plays, Peverley is a speed demon, and Lucic is great at taking the body and looking confused. Lucic and Peverley both picked up 2 points against the Caps on Sunday so expect to see some quality shifts and points put up by these three.

David Krejci- David Krejci is angry, and you won’t like him when he’s angry. You’ll love him. After being demoted to the third line during Sundays game, Julien has no interest in moving the first line center back to his rightful spot. Having been on a hot streak for most of January, he’s shown some slow down in production and is being punished for it.  Krejci is going out tomorrow with something to prove. He’ll be skating very hard and very fast. Its shown time and time again that when Julien criticizes someone, they often put up big numbers the next game to prove him wrong.

Jordan Caron-  After seeing how quick Hamill was shipped off to the Island of Misfit Toys, Caron needs to prove his worth so he can continue dressing for the Black & Gold. Playing with Pouliot and Krejci could help him immensely. Its more about placement for him, as Krecji and Pouliot will probably do most of the puck carrying into the offensive zone. It’d be good to see him with a nice top-shelf goal, not some flukey rebound goal off of a Johnny Rocket blast. I’d love for Caron to succeed with this team. Don’t let me down!

Projected Lines:

Marchand – Bergeron – Seguin

Lucic – Kelly – Peverley

Pouliot – Krejci – Caron

Paille – Campbell – Thornton




Since Timmy had the last two starts, its Tuukkamania time.

Final Thoughts:

Ryan Miller has had a lot of problems with people hitting him. Maybe its because with that wild hair of his, he’s trying too hard to be like Henrik Lundqvist. You know the saying Ryan, you can’t turn a ho into a housewife. Anyway you can watch select incidents herehere and here. For chuckles of course. Its only funny when he isn’t injured from the hit though.



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