The Bruins just aren’t the same without Nathan Horton.

103 shifts.

81.33 minutes.

5 games.

That is roughly how much Nathan Horton has missed since leaving the January 22nd game against the Flyers. In a world where Sidney Crosby has missed an entire NHL season with concussion symptoms, five games doesn’t seem like that much.  But as a fan-base that is still and always will be mourning the loss of Marc Savard, every game that Nathan Horton doesn’t dress for makes everyone a little more concerned. Please come back Horty, we miss you.

Think back to Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals, when Aaron Rome decided to be the mega douche of the century and deliver an open ice, late hit to Horton. Remember how deathly silent the Garden went? Which is not an easy accomplishment by the way. I remember sitting on my couch shedding tears. Not ashamed to admit it. We suffered through the rest of the Finals being reminded of that hit and missing him terribly. He recovered, and when this season started, we were all wondering if he was going to be the same Nathan Horton. The Nathan Horton that delivered the spine-tingling Game 7 OT goal against Montreal. After a slow start, that Horton appeared again. Before the Philly game, he was second on the team in goals. He was back. Finally back in an offensive stride, he was once again hit late by Tom Sestito. Yeah, I don’t care what the forever inconsistent Shanahan says, that hit was late. Go home loser. While this hit wasn’t as bad, since Horton got right up and went after Sestito, he left the game and didn’t come back. There’s been positive news in recent days, Horty started working out and skating again. That doesn’t really tell us when he’ll be back though. Sidney Crosby has been “skating again” for like a whole year. This whole situation has left us with a hell of a lot more questions than answers. When he eventually does get back out there with the team, will he be the same top forward he was before? Only time will tell. All I know is that the fans miss him terribly. Krejci is giving more sass, and Lucic is as confused as ever. Horton needs to get better.

Oh, and one more thing. Tom Sestito sucks. Game misconduct for getting into 3 fights in one game? Real cool you absolute clown. He’s nothing more than an AHL-er and thats all he’ll ever be. Enjoy your 0 goals and -2 plus/minus. Also, he looks a little bit like Scott Gomez, which is ironic because they’re tied for goals. I sincerely hope Horton comes back better than ever and beats the rest of the teeth out of his head.



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