Pre-game notes. Predators vs. Bruins 2/11/2012

Its been a rough week for Bruins fans. First, the B’s were brutally beat down by a normally terrible Buffalo Sabres team. The only highlight of that game was that Lucic rearranged a certain hated forward’s face. Take your Lego’s and stuff if Patrick Kaleta. After that debacle, Tim Thomas couldn’t stop playing Farmville. Literally could not stop asking people for radishes and wood to build fences and of course, the media is in an uproar over it. Lastly, Claude Julien made the unfortunate announcement today that our beloved Nathan Horton is back at square one and is no longer skating. Enough with the bad news bears, lets look towards tomorrow.

Nashville isn’t a team that should be underestimated. They’re 5th in the Western Conference with 69 points,1 more than us. They also have 3 games on us though. There really aren’t any standout players on the Predators, its more of a combined team effort to produce. Only person that sticks out is Shea Weber. Guy is absolute hot fire. Going into tomorrow he has 36 points (10 goals, 26 assists) and the highest plus/minus on the team with +20. Not bad for a defensemen. He’ll be giving the B’s hell.

If Bruins can produce maybe a little bit of effort and go from atrocious hockey like they played in Buffalo to mediocre hockey, I’ll be happy. At this point anything is better that the effort that was put out on Wednesday. They seem lost without Nathan Horton and their rhythm is totally gone. Its like October all over again. Lines are going to be craycray again, because Handsome Ralph is not pleased.









No idea on netminder for tomorrow. Both goalies performed poorly in Wednesdays game, Timmy only slightly better. They’re getting so wild right now though, I’m sure no one can focus on tomorrows game. Timmy will probably get the start.

Final Thoughts:

Will Joe Corvo ever learn how to play defense?

Will it really matter if he does?

My apologies for the short pre-game. I’m usually more on my game but this Nathan Horton issue has actually given me a headache. I implore all of you to put away the “Marry Me Seguin” signs and bring signs supporting Horton if you go to any games. He can’t be feeling too great right now, and seeing that could make him smile. You never know.



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