Meet the new 7th defenseman: Andrew Bodnarchuk

For those of you that haven’t heard, the Boston Bruins called up a defenseman from Providence to accompany the team on their 6 game road trip. For once, it wasn’t our ginger friend Steve Kampfer. This is both surprising and totally unexpected at the same time. That doesn’t make sense but bear with me.

Obviously at this present time, there isn’t any need for a 7th defenseman. Everyone is relatively healthy as far as we know, and hopefully they stay that way. But the fact of the matter is, six games is a long road trip. Stuff happens. People get banged up and thats when the 7th defenseman comes into play. So far this season, the person that has needed to step up is Steven Kampfer. In the 10 games he’s dressed for the Bruins, he’s tallied 0-2-2 with a plus/minus of +6. While that isn’t bad, he’s always kind of lacked defensively when the team needed him most. He doesn’t particularly do any major except fail to keep his head up, leading to devastating hits on him. Poor guy. Since the Bruins have dipped slightly in performance and are trying to climb their way back to first place, they need all the wins they can get. Although Kampfer has been moderately reliable in the games he’s played, its time to bring someone else up to display their talent. The Bruins have obviously decided that the time to try someone new is now.

That brings us to Andrew Bodnarchuk. Originally drafted by Boston 128th overall in the 5th round of the 2006 NHL Entry Draft, Bodnarchuk has only played 5 NHL games. So far this season in Providence, he has 4-7-11 totals in 47 games. He’s not exactly a big defenseman, 5’11 and weighing in at 172 pounds, but there is a reason the Bruins decided he would be a good player to call up.  He’s registered 44 SOG this season, almost one shot per game, and that’s the kind of offensive drive the Bruins need going into this road trip. It was already present in the game against Nashville. The more opportunities, the better chance the Bruins have of winning. After seeing him play in Providence, I can safely say that he’s the type of player that isn’t afraid to take the body and is willing do what it takes to break up any offensive chances. He could be a perfect match with one of the more veteran defenseman on the team. There’s no telling if we’re going to see Bodnarchuk skate during this stint with the Bruins, but we’d certainly like to. Who knows, maybe he’ll exceed expectations and find a more permanent spot on the Bruins roster.

Also, the man can rock a pair of jorts like no other. Get on board.



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