Pre-game notes: Bruins vs. Canadiens 2/15/2012

It’s probably a good thing that the Bruins are playing tonight, it makes the Rangers game that much easier to forget about. The only problem is that this whole Montreal rivalry has totally lost its luster. The Bruins and Habs don’t hate each other anymore, they have nothing each other. It’s tragic, considering most of the players on Montreal are still offensive.  I guess that’s what happens when a team plummets to 12th in the Conference. So let’s chat about this game, Max Pacioretty’s origin, and the slump the Bruins are in. Don’t be in denial, it’s happening.

The key to winning tonight’s game is so simple it’s probably impossible. Score some goals. Find the back of the net. That’s most of the reason why the Bruins are in this slump. Oh, and if you don’t think they’re in a slump you can kindly close out now. Stop being in denial. Six goals and three shutouts in the month of February. If it looks like an offensive slump, and feels like an offensive slump, that’s probably what it is.

Not going to do a Canadiens to watch, because in all honesty there aren’t any that stand out. Other than Carey Price, because he’s awesome. Scott Gomez is apparently scratched for tonight, so we can all laugh about that and stuff.

Bruins to Complain About:

Yeah I went there.

Joe Corvo– I’m speaking for all of us when I say that this defenseman frustrates me to no end. I want this guy to succeed so bad. But it’s becoming so apparent that he doesn’t fit with this team. Watching him play last night was beyond aggravating. Compared to someone like Dan Girardi, he looked like a 10 year old playing hockey for the first time. Every time Joe Corvo causes a bad turnover, a baby gets a splinter. So stop it Joe Corvo. Just stop right now. Johnny Boychuk seemed motivated by his pay day, so someone send this man an Edible Arrangement or something STAT. Desperate times call for desperate, fruit filled measures.

Yeah, that’s about it for complaining. The offense could play better but we’ve been saying for a while now.

Projected Lines:



Pouliot-Kelly-A traffic cone???


In all honesty, I don’t know what the lines are going to look like. It would appear that Krejci has been moved back with Lucic. The Field Trip and Merlot Lines will never change. Not sure who is going to be skating with Kelly and Pouliot. Caron was like a phantom last night, floating around the ice and wailing. Not literally, but he wasn’t noticeable at all. It’s time to give someone else a chance. We’d all like to see what Josh Hennessey can bring to the table and we might get that chance tonight.

Tuukka in net? Timmy in net? Don’t know, don’t really care at this point. It’s probably time to give Tuukka a chance after he was pulled in the Buffalo game. I’m certain that the Bruins are scared of not scoring in front of their Finnish goalie, so maybe this will ignite an offensive spark.

Final Thoughts:

There is nothing more important that Chris Kelly’s anniversary with the Bruins. I purchased an ice cream cake in celebration. You don’t have to do anything that crazy but think fondly of him and the cage on this joyous day. Maybe he’ll even score tonight, who knows.

Also, I feel like I’m the last person on Earth to find out that Max Pacioretty is from Connecticut. I have nothing to say about it really, I just think it’s weird.


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