Rich Peverley out, Josh Hennessy in.

Last night was a rough game for the B’s. Chara and Krejci were both cut up  and Peverley took a hit to the knee. While Krej and Chara were stitched up and returned to the ice, Peverley left in the third period and never came back.  He was spotted in the trainers room after the game with a large ice bag on his knee. When Patrice Bergeron called in to 98.5 The Sports Hub this morning, he explained that Peverley had left the team and returned to Boston to seek treatment. That is not good.  The Bruins aren’t playing that well as it is, and the absence of Peverley’s speed and finesse is going to cause some issues. It’s a good thing the Bruins called up Josh Hennessy for the road trip in case they needed him. His time is now, so we’ll see what he brings to the table.

Quick background on Josh Hennessy in case you haven’t been fervently googling him since he was called up. Josh is a 27 year old originally from Rockland, MA. The whole hometown boy thing kind of adds a nice flair to this story. He’s only played 20 games in the NHL and is 1-0-1 in those 20 games. Hennessy originally got his start playing for the Quebec Ramparts, where he was 6th in scoring on his team at the end of his first year with them. Three years into his stay with the Ramparts, he was named captain and was eventually drafted by the San Jose Sharks in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft. Hennessy played for the affiliate team, the Cleveland Barons, and holds the records for the most goals and points by a rookie in one season. He was traded to Ottawa in 2006 and scored his first NHL goal in a game against the Flyers on January 7th, 2007.  Josh left Ottawa to briefly play for HC Lugano and finally landed a one year contract with the Bruins this past summer.

Hennessy hasn’t had a chance to skate with the Bruins yet this season. He was recovering from a knee injury during training camp and didn’t get a chance to participate.  He’s having a great season down in Providence, leading the team in goals with 15. He’s 15-15-30 in 49 games and could potentially match or pass his AHL career high of 30 goals.

I’m kind of excited for Hennessy to get a chance to play. Sure, his last and only NHL goal was in 2007 but that doesn’t mean he won’t bring some quality offense to the table. He’s spent a lot of time in the AHL, working hard and learning everything he could. If anything, he’ll be playing his heart out every single shift. I could see him playing on a line with Chris Kelly and Jordan Caron tomorrow night. Him and Caron have obviously played together down in Providence so they’re familiar with each other. A more experienced player like Kelly could offer guidance, and him and Josh spent some time playing together in Ottawa so there could be some good chemistry on that line. Knowing that this is his one shot to prove himself, Hennessy will be working his ass off to get that puck to the back of the net. Here’s to hoping he does.

TL;DR? We’re all crying about Rich Peverley and Josh Hennessy could be awesome.


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