B’s Win Big in NHLPA Poll

We apologize for the lack of a post-game analysis but having to write about a loss every other game is really making this blog dreary.  To spice it up a bit, why not make a post dedicated to how dominant the Bruins were in the Hockey Night in Canada/NHLPA Poll?! The players themselves voted for these players/teams, and the Bruins had quite the showing.

Hardest shot went to of course, our captain, Zdeno Chara with 59%. It’s not even a competition though, eh?  ­

The top three toughest players in the league are as follows: Milan Lucic (20%), Zdeno Chara (17%) and Shawn Thornton (11%). While we really haven’t been so big and bad as of late, it’s nice to see our tough guys get some recognition from NHL players.

Zdeno Chara also came in second place for “toughest player to play against” with 19%, just below Pavel Datsyuk.

Tim Thomas came in third place for “most difficult goalie to score on” with 16% of the votes.

Most underrated player: Patrice Bergeron (9%) and in 5th place was David Krejci (3%). I was actually very surprised to see Krejci up there. While I myself believe he’s underrated, my vote doesn’t really count as he’s my favorite player in the league. Very excited to see that Patrice Bergeron was number one on the list, though. Very deserving of the spot.

Toughest defenseman to play against: Zdeno Chara (61%) Wasn’t even a competition. May have something to do with the fact that he’s a terrifying behemoth with a thunderous slap shot. There’s really not a whole lot that makes me smile more than Big Z getting recognition for his abilities.

Milan Lucic actually came in 2nd place (just behind Pavel Datsyuk) for “toughest forward to play against” with 15%. I thought that one was pretty interesting. Not that he isn’t deserving of the spot, I just never knew how difficult Lucic was to play against compared to the rest of the forwards in the league. I mean, Lucic over guys like Malkin or Toews or any of those superstars? I’m definitely impressed and somewhat surprised.

Our good friends the Vancouver Canucks took the cake for most overrated team with 24%. The league hates you, Vancouver.

Which current assistant coach should be the next head coach? Doug Houda came in third place! Say whaaat!

For favorite rink to play in, or shall I say favoUrite, Montreal stole the show. But that’s all their getting recognized for.

*TD Garden came in 6th for favorite arena. I’d actually like to know what players voted on that one. I hear John Tavares loves the atmosphere in Boston.

Teams you would most like to play on? Chicago, Detroit, Boston, Toronto, Montreal. Who run tha world? THE ORGINIAL SIX. Boston landed in third with 11% of the votes. I AM ONCE AGAIN LOOKING AT YOU, JOHN TAVARES.

Should fighting be completely banished? What answer would you expect coming from NHL players themselves? Yes? Ah yes I don’t want fighting in this league anymore, ever again. Are you off your fuckin’ rocker? Of course 98% of the players said NO. But that means 2% of the players said….yes? Hm I wonder who that could have been.



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