Nathan Horton still hurting from Sestito induced concussion.

The last time Horton’s health was discussed on here, he had missed five games and was starting to skate again. The top line winger is now approaching his 11th missed game and has suffered a complete setback. After working out and skating, his headaches returned and he halted all physical activity. It would appear that his injury is infinitely worse than we first suspected. While its no doubt that the team has fallen into a scoring drought in his absence, is it better to shelf him for the remainder of the season in the hopes he’ll return at 100% next fall?

Lets talk Marc Savard for a second, despite how much it hurts. Savard suffered his first concussion on March 7th, 2010 after receiving an illegal hit to the head from Matt Cooke. He was not taken to the hospital and returned to Boston the next day. Savard eventually recovered and returned to play with the team in the 2010 postseason and onward until he received his second concussion on January 23, 2011. The time span between those two concussions was only 10 months. He was shelved for the remainder of the of the 2010-2011 season and for the entirety of the 2011-2012 season.  At 34 years old, it would appear that Marc Savard’s hockey career is over.

Nathan Horton’s situation is unfortunately eerily similar to Savard’s. On June 6th, 2011, Horton was severely concussed after taking a late hit from the Canucks Aaron Rome. The difference from Savard’s original concussion was that Horton was dazed and unresponsive on the ice. He had to be carried off  on a stretcher and was taken to the hospital. Horton was sidelined for the remainer of the Finals and returned seemingly healthy for the 2011-2012 season. He developed an offensive stride, and all our fears about him never playing the same again were squashed. Squashed until he was hit late by Philadelphia’s Tom Sestito on January 22, 2012. Which is strangely a day shy of being exactly a year from when Savard received his second and ultimately career ending concussion. No one really understood the severity of Horton’s second concussion when it happened, but here we are 10 games and almost no positive news later.

With Horton’s concussions happening within seven months of each other, we have to put aside the teams slump for a second and ask ourselves if it would really be a good thing for Horton to come back this season. Unfortunately for this team and fan base, severe concussions are not unfamiliar territory. The coming months only get crazier for players, and it isn’t worth Horton’s health and well being if something were to happen again. Think about how heartbreaking it is to hear Savard discuss the pain he suffers on a daily basis and the pain his family suffers with their loved one hurting. Horton has a young family and a very pregnant wife to think about. Although his return would certainly help with the teams current slump and scoring woes, its safe to say the team/management/fanbase cares too much about his well being to risk it. The Bruins will solve their scoring trouble. If its not with Horton, it’ll be for Horton.



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