Thoughts on the recent slump

My father and I were discussing that it’s not the lack of effort that has been making our once dominant team crumble. In fact, during their dominant stretch in the months of November and December, it didn’t seem as though they were expending as much energy as they are now. They were able to roll all four lines comfortably, score 6+ goals and play back to back games without issue.

Now they can’t get anything in the back of the net, defense is lacking and our goaltending hasn’t been too stellar either.

Shawn Thornton spoke to the media earlier saying “It’s not for lack of effort, you can see everyone’s trying, maybe trying too hard.”

The last part of that quote is key: “trying too hard.” It’s exactly what I think the Bruins are doing. It’s the execution that they’re struggling with. I also believe this pent up frustration is working against them rather than for them. It’s not lighting anything beneath their asses, or sparking any kind of epiphany that they need to change things up to get the job done.

The Bruins need to clear their heads and start fresh. They need to bring themselves back to November and December and harness the feelings that were coursing through them during those dominant months. They need to find that drive again.

With the exception of Horton and now Peverley, it’s very much the same personnel as it was just a few months ago. Also, Boston should be able to perform even with significant players sidelined. It’s a challenge, but they’re going to have to face it head on and work with what they have.

While some changes need to be made (ahem defense ahem Corvo) I do believe solving the issues within the locker room first are most important. Not that there are any personal problems or chemistry concerns but bringing in new guys won’t necessarily flip everything around just like that.

There is no excuse for the way they’ve been playing and everyone on that team is at fault. Let’s not point fingers at just one guy.

Hopefully the Bruins can find the issue(s) and get back to their powerhouse, beast of the east, style of play.

– Ariana


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