Tom Sestito expresses concern over Horton injury via Twitter.

Twitter can be a rough atmosphere for athletes.  For every 5 fans that tweet their admiration, there’s always 1 person that takes it too far and tweets hate. Something about Twitter brings out the worst in people, and they can write everything to an athlete that they could never say in person. Such was the case today after Joe Haggerty tweeted out the link to an article he had written on Horton’s current situation. Someone responded to the tweet, mentioned Tom Sestito, and asked if he had read the article. When Sestito responded to the persons question saying that no he had not read it, people jumped on him. He was called out on Twitter and responded. There’s nothing wrong with that, athletes should be allowed to respond to hate.  His response led to the following exchange:

Am I the only one who gained respect for him out of this whole thing? As someone who was highly critical of Sestito when the hit occurred, I feel better now that he has finally made a statement on it. When it comes down to it, we’re only fans. We either go the games or watch at home. We are not inside the brains of players. Who are we to say if someone was intent and malicious in their actions on the ice. Sestito feels remorse for Horton’s concussion, and its obvious he didn’t skate towards him with the intention of concussing him. The fact that he responded in a calm manner, didn’t insult anyone, and was respectful says a lot about him. This is one of those things where we need to focus more on Horton’s recovery and less on the person that delivered the hit.


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