Post-game notes: Blues vs. Bruins 2/23/12

I woke up this morning, went to, saw all of those fantastic headlines about the B’s and was giddy about the win all over again.  There are clearly still some issues. I’m not going to sit here and say “THE BRUINS ARE BACK, BABY! THE SLUMP IS OVER!” Finding consistency is the biggest issue and until they can win consecutively, I will not be content. A small celebration is acceptable, though.

Okay let’s just dive right into this thing.

You know what’s almost as rare as the Blues losing at home?!? The Bruins scoring the first goal! Last night was just chock full of strange and rare events.

Marchand opened up his fantastic night by dangling past a defender and scoring high, glove-side (AND UNASSISTED!) on arguably the best goaltender in the league.  Just when I thought grabbing an early lead was great, the Bruins extended it with a strange, floating goal tipped in by Milan Lucic. Note: one assist went to Corvo. The strange events continue.

I’m going to reserve this section of the post-game analysis for thoughts on David Krejci playing wing. My goodness I didn’t know he had it in him! He was physical and he played smart. One of the better games I’ve seen from #46 in a while. He may not have tallied any points but he made his presence known. He battled hard, as did the rest of the team.

The Bruins two goal lead was erased fairly quickly as the Blues came right back and tied the game. Wasn’t too pleased with that one. I was sitting there thinking: is this really going to happen? Are the Bruins going to come out strong and still lose?

Luckily, I was wrong.

Chris Kelly scored late in the first after grabbing a feed from Lucic in front. I could honestly watch the Blues players scrambling toward him over and over and over again. Every Blues player on the ice was on one side of the ice, and it was the wrong side. It was perfect.

Now, for your viewing pleasure:

and even better, look how happy they are

Marchand scoring five-hole on the breakaway was just a nice slap in the face for the Blues. The nail in the coffin. The cherry on top.

What we learned: So what if the opposition out-shoots you by 13? It’s all about executing. The past few games the B’s had been out-shooting their opponents by wild amounts and putting almost fifty shots on the net. Last night, they were out-shot and only put 19 on net. But rather than getting shutout, they put in 4 goals. It seems they’ve detected the problem and are taking baby steps to improve it.

Just remember: Continuing the scoring and success is extremely important. If the Bruins cannot win continue winning from here on out, this win will become a distant and blurry memory.

Very important to remember: The Ottawa Senators are easing their way into the top spot. They’re only two points away from being tied with Boston for the number one spot in the Northeast Division. The B’s win over the Blues came at a very important time.

Get ready for some Friday fun. We’re facing our good pals the Buffalo Sabres next! It’s amusing that they actually think there’s anything between us. Clearly, there’s some bad blood but I’ve actually heard Sabres fans say “I hate Boston because…you know…I’m a Buffalo fan.” What are you trying to say, you fool? That there’s actually some kind of “rivalry” between us? If it makes you happy, then so be it. But Buffalo is not worthy. Should be an interesting match-up either way as the Sabres crushed the B’s 6-0 in their last meeting. Knock on wood but I’ve got a better feeling about this one. I’m hoping the result will be a little different this time around.



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