Pre-game notes: Bruins vs. Rangers 3/4/2012

*le sigh*

I’m almost 95% sure the end of the world is coming early and happening today. Don’t even lie and say you’re not slightly depressed at the thought of today’s game. Literally everyone is injured.The Providence Bruins are taking over and they’re not even that good. Tuukka is hurt and they sent up the back-up goalie for Providence. THE BACK-UP. Awesome. Meanwhile, the Bruins are coming into a town where the goalie might be the human form of Jesus.Either the Bruins are going to pull out a win and surprise us all or they’re going to absolutely get destroyed and we’re going to have to pick up the broken pieces of our shattered dreams and try to move on.

Everyone already knows that Henrik Lundqvist is perfect, Ryan Callahan is a beast, and Dan Girardi is a brick wall from my last pre-game involving the Rangers so I won’t even bother covering them today.

They’re the best team in the East by a mile. Thats all that needs to be said. They’ve beaten us twice, a win would be okay.

Players to watch:

The French Fry Line- Basically the best line we have on the team right now. They’ve scored all the goals in the past two games and basically make the other lines look like they should be playing in the AHL. Oh wait, that transformation has already started. Anyway, I have high hopes for this line today. Lucic is frightening and Krejci and Seguin are so unbelievably fast that I think they might be able to slip one or two past the King. Or three or four would be awesome but lets not get greedy just yet. So yeah, give me the French Fry Line or give me death.

Projected Lines (sad trombone)







McQuaid-Corvo or Mottau

Timmy in net because Julien would have to be smoking something cray to put Hutchinson in against these monsters.

Scratches: Horton (concussion), Ference (lower body injury), Peverley (knee), Paille (unknown..probably arm), Rask (unknown)

^what the actual fuck. That hurt to even type. Curse the injury bug.

Final Thoughts:

  • I miss Nathan Horton
  • and Peverley
  • and Ference, Paille, and Rask
  • Why is our team falling apart? WHHHHY.

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