Pre-game note: Sabres vs. Bruins 3/08/2012

Apologies for the lack of consistent pre-game/post-game notes recently. The B’s schedule is extremely crazy right now and we here at CrashingTheNet get very tired screaming at the TV on a nightly basis. Hopefully there won’t be that much flailing tonight when the Bruins play the Sabres. Its been a weird series with the Sabres this season. First, Milan Lucic embarrassed the Sabres by destroying Ryan Miller and Paul Gaustad. Then Ryan Miller embarrassed the Bruins by shutting them out and giving his team the power to score on us six times. This is the fifth of six meetings between the two teams, the Bruins having won 2 games and lost 2 so far. A win tonight would be nice, and the momentum thats been building over the past week might just allow the Bruins that win.

Last game was okay. It wasn’t fantastic but it wasn’t horrible either. Jordan Caron was playing out of his mind. Once you score on King Lundqvist, you can do just about anything your little French heart desires. The negatives about last game? Timmy let in some soft goals, including one from Phil Kessel. That’s just unacceptable. He’s not allowed to score, or be happy, or comfortably exist when he’s playing Boston. That’s a rule.

The French Fry Line is scary good right now. All three of them are on 4 game point streaks; Krejci with 4-2=6 totals, Lucic with 1-4=5 and Seguin with 4-2=6. Never break up the French Fry line ever. EVER. Jordan Caron and Benoit Pouliot are both on 2 game point streaks and Chris Kelly notched a goal last game, giving the third line some offensive gusto as well. The defense has been playing better ever since they limited the Rangers to 17 shots on goal in their last meeting with them. Even Joe Corvo has seen the light. We believe in you Joe!

Besides the fact that the team is playing much better with a lot more effort than in the previous month, remember this?

Easily one of the most humorous fights ever. Patrick Kaleta trying to get the crowd fired up by getting whipped around like a rag doll will never get old.

The Enemy:

The Sabres are making a push in the final waning months of the season and are actually accomplishing that. Ryan Miller is hot right now tragically, and they have offensive power now in former Canuck Cody Hodgson. Buffalo made away like a bandit in that trade deadline deal. He hasn’t recorded a point with his new team yet but he was a quality, dependable player with Vancouver. Whatever, I don’t care about them. The Bruins just need to be physical and win. Push Kaleta around, that’s what he’s there for.

Projected Lines






Corvo- Seidenberg


Timmy in net tonight. Marty just isn’t quite ready. Soon..

Final Thoughts:

  • This is just my opinion but I’m thinking Rolston should be moved off the second line. Pouliot fits better with the speed of that line, and Kelly can adjust to change so Rolston should go there.
  • Is Mottau still on the team? Seriously, has anyone seen him? Anyone?
  • Marty Turco. That is all.


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