Post-game notes: Sabres vs. Bruins 3/9/12

I’ll take “impossible” for 500, Alex.

Ah, what is back to back wins for the Boston Bruins?!

Those Jeopardy days are over (knock on wood) because the Boston Bruins have won their first consecutive games since mid-January! Ryan Miller didn’t come out to play but so what, we still beat BuffaLOL. I didn’t think it was possible but I found the Sabres to be slightly less annoying last night, just because Miller wasn’t playing. Alrighty let’s get ‘er dun.

Things weren’t looking too great when Jason Pominville opened up the scoring for Buffalo late in the first period. For a moment I was discouraged and then I thought “when do we score the first goal anymore anyway?”

Despite being down 1-0 going into the second period, The Bruins were looking like the stronger team (sounds familiar, I know).

Unfortunately in the second, they looked pretty flat. That was until this happened:

Ehrhoff drew Soupy in, passed to Hodgson’s skate and there was the puck eagerly awaiting a Shawn Thornton slapper that was tipped in by #11. The greatest part about that goal was the fact that both Ehrhoff and Hodgson are former-Canucks. (“Christian Ehrhoff’s life flashing before his eyes and now suddenly it’s June 15th in Vancouver!”)

The third period was hands down the most exciting period of Bruins hockey I’ve watched in a while. Johnny Destroychuk’s blast into the top of the net was a thing of beauty. Enroth’s bottle popped on outta there faster than Krejci does when violence ensues.

Speaking of #46, at 15:54 of the third Mr. French Fries tallied his fifth goal in five games. A two-on-one developed after a nice pass from Seguin and a nicer feed from Lucic. According to the Bruins official Twitter:

“In their 5 games as linemates, Krejci/Seguin/Lucic have combined for 20 points (10 goals, 10 assists)”

That is just absurd.

What we learned: The Bruins are more than capable of stringing together back to back wins. This one seems obvious but it started  to seem like they couldn’t with the way things were rollin’.

Just remember: For once, I don’t actually have something to write for this one. Just remember…. You’ve been destroychuked, Mr. Enroth? Yeah, yeah let’s go with that.

Gonna be a busy weekend with Washington on Saturday and Pittsburgh on Sunday (Crosby return? Won’t happen – David Krejci will be on the ice).




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