Post-game Notes: Penguins vs Bruins 3/11/12

Well… That sucked. I think if I were to choose the absolute worst game of the regular season this year, it would be this one. Is this rock bottom? Does it get worse? CAN IT PLEASE NOT GET WORSE? I don’t care to delve into this game too deeply, it was just too ugly. Let’s do bullet points.

  • For the second time in consecutive games the Bruins gave up 2 goals in the first period and spend the rest of the game trying to catch up. As they say, “catch up hockey is losing hockey”, but really the Bruins have been giving up the first goal a lot this entire season. The thing is that in November/December they had the explosive offensive firepower to regain the lead and open up a game that they don’t have now.
  • In one period we lost McQuaid (“upper body”), Sauve (“lower body”), and Bergeron (knee/foot?). At this point I have to laugh at all these injuries piling up to keep from crying. Even our AHL call ups are getting injured now, and what’s worse, it was Sauve’s first NHL game EVER. But let’s be real here, if Bergeron misses any significant amount of time, a deep post-season run is all but a pipedream.
  • Tim Thomas continues to look tired and worn out, and not at all the puck-stopping demigod of 2011. He’s failed to make big saves consistently, and in some games he’s just look straight up scrambley and flustered. It’s hard to say what’s really going on with him, but you have to second guess Claude’s decision to start him in so many consecutive games.
  • On the other side of that, Turco looked good. He was confident, tuned in, and he made key saves (that stop on Staal’s breakaway attempt was unbelievable). This is what we need our goaltenders to be right now, and we’re not getting that from Timmy. It actually makes me really angry now that Claude Julien decided not to start Turco against Washington on Saturday.
  • David Krejci continues to be an absolute beast. He’s scored 7(!!) goals in the month of March thus far and has been carrying our offense to some degree. When half of our forwards are missing and they’re being replaced by inexperienced AHL call ups, you need somebody to step up. Krejci is famously inconsistent but he’s a big game player and when times are tough and he’s keyed up and locked in he’s unstoppable. We’re seeing a passion from him that we’ve never seen before–he’s angry, physical, relentless, dangerous. It’s like he’s channeling Nathan Horton or something. Or maybe he just hates losing. Maybe a little of both.
  • Malkin’s hit was dirty, I don’t care what anybody says. Regardless of “intent”  it was an illegal play and although it’s true that Boychuk turned to play the puck, he seemed unaware that Malkin was coming for him and his back was already turned. Malkin squared him up and took him out. I’m AMAZED that he went back out to play after that because he looked pretty out of it.
  • Also, it’s funny how perceived intent changes depending on the color of your sweater. If a Bruin does it it’s predatory, always. If Evgeni Malkin does it (superstar forward with a clean record but history of borderline hits) then it’s unintentional and he didn’t mean it and we should all let it go BECAUSE HE’S NOT THAT KIND OF PLAYER!! Nonsense. Neither was Andrew Ference and he got slapped with a 3 game suspension earlier this season.
  • The scheduling this month is asinine, and what’s worse is that last night’s game was supposed to be a 7pm game that got changed to a matinee game (thanks a lot, NBC!). So the Bruins played a 1PM game at home, flew out to Pittsburgh, lost an hour of sleep to DST and then played another matinee game. Seems legit. As a fan I hate matinee games. I really sincerely dislike them. Very rarely do both teams come out prepared to play. Seems like it’s never the Bruins.
  • That’s all I got. Let’s just move on, okay? Our newly injured parties are being evaluated further in Tampa today. Hope for the best.

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