Why is this happening to us? Is this real life?

Lets think back to last year’s Cup run. We won the Montreal series in Game 7, we won the Lightning series in Game 7, and we won the Vancouver series in Game 7. Not only did the Bruins win that series in Game 7, but they went into that game with the odds against them and their backs against the wall. Sure, we all believed in them but there was an uneasiness after an inability to score lost us games 1,2 and 5.  The Bruins play their best hockey under pressure. They’re certainly pushing it now, because with tonights blowout, we have one game in hand on Ottawa. Considering Ottawa is two points out of first place, its do or die time now and I’m not sure the Bruins are up for the challenge.

Blame injuries? Sure, why not. We have key players out.  The Bruins went from having an amazing goalie tandem to have one very tired goalie and one very injured one. Nathan Horton has been out since January, and he was a huge contribution to that amazing run in November/December. Peverley’s legs and speed are irreplaceable, no one can tear down that ice quite like he can. On the other hand, despite these tremendous losses, how can we use it as an excuse. The Bruins are a professional hockey team. With players like Bergeron, Chara, and Seguin still healthy, how can we accept injuries playing a factor? Simply put, we can’t. Injuries are an excuse for  a couple games, while everyone gets used to their new lines and adjusting to a certain player being gone. Horton has been gone for almost two months, and Peverley went down not long after that. I respectfully request that injuries be left out of it from now on. That’s not what’s wrong here. Fatigue is another excuse being thrown around. Accepting the fact that these are the dog days of the season, they’re also the playoff push days of the season. The time when they should be skating harder and shooting more than they have all season. When all goes according to plan, they finish the season on a high note and are pumped for the playoffs.

So what is the problem. A stand there and watch defense as the puck goes in over and over again. An offense that won’t crash the net and put pucks to it. A team that won’t take the body anymore like they used to. The Bruins have been outskated, out-shot and out muscled in almost every game they’ve played since January. This whole “coming from behind” thing is getting old, but as Bruins fans we should be used to it. They had this notoriety as the underdogs, but that ended on June 15th, 2011. Your general manager, coaches, and fans expect more out of you fella’s. All we want is a little consistency and a desire to win. I have no doubt that they’re furious about how they’ve been playing but they need that anger to translate into their play. Bring that anger to the ice and turn it into drive. A drive to win, a drive to show every team in the NHL that they should be scared. When the Bruins are on their game, teams should be scared. As it stands right now, the majority of teams are probably thinking they could sweep us right out of the playoffs.

To everyone who’s feeling down right now, don’t despair. Stick by the team just like you all did when Vancouver was favored to win the Cup.  Stick by them through thick and thin, bad and worse just like you have all these years.  Its worth it.



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