Pre-game Notes: Bruins vs. Panthers 3/15/2012

How uncomfortable did it feel hoping that Montreal won last night? Fortunately for us, they did win in a shootout and Ottawa is now one point behind us in the division. The games in hand that the Bruins fervently talked about for a month are all but gone, as there is only one left. They’ve blown their lead, and are dangerously close to falling to second in the division and seventh in the Conference. Second to seventh, oh how the mighty have fallen. After an absolutely legless, abysmal showing in Tampa Bay, the Bruins are looking to put that game behind them and prove to everyone including themselves, that they are true competitors and a threat heading into the playoffs.

This is the fourth and final meeting between the Bruins and Panthers during the regular season. The Bruins lost the first game 2-0, then came back and destroyed the Panthers 8-0 on December 23rd and won in a shootout on January 16th.  They absolutely have what it takes to beat this team. Or maybe I should say they had what it took to beat this team. The Bruins have completely changed their identity in the past two months. They don’t skate, they’re not putting pucks into the net, and their physical game has completely diminished. I’m envisioning the scene from Miracle and I hope it happened at practice yesterday to help this team. They need to take the ice tonight ready to go.

It should also be noted that while we’re coming into town on a dismal three game losing streak, the Panthers are on a two game winning streak. Sweet.

Projected Lines:








Timmy in net. It sucks because he’s probably exhausted. Turco needs more practice time though.

Bergeron, Pouliot, and McQuaid are all game time decisions so the lineup could change dramatically over the next few hours.

Final Thoughts:


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