The Best of Cabbie Presents: The Podcast with Milan Lucic and Tyler Seguin

I spent a good portion of my afternoon listening to this hilarious podcast on iTunes with TSN’s Cabbie Richards and reality star Evan Starkman (who is actually really hilarious, what?). Well anyway, Cabbie’s got this podcast show thing called “Cabbie Presents: The Podcast.” Today he interviewed Milan Lucic and Tyler Seguin (separately) and boy was it a good time. I sat there at my computer, pausing the audio every 3 seconds to quote the guys because some of the stuff they were saying was just golden.

Here’s some of the best stuff I got:

with Milan Lucic

  • Cabbie: “A couple of years ago I was having lunch with a friend of mine that used to play on the Toronto Maple Leafs. And we were talking about you. And he said that when you knocked out Komisarek when he was with the Habs, it totally changed him as a player. Like you knocked the confidence out of him, are you aware of that?”Lucic: “(Laughing) Uh, you know I’ve heard some people tell me that but he’s a big, strong, physical guy and uh…”

    Cabbie: “Yeah so are you, but you’re bigger.”

    Lucic: “Maybe I’m a little bit meaner, who knows. I’m a Gemini, right? Kinda got that split personality thing going. You know how you were talkin’ about, I’m a nice guy off the ice but when I’m on the ice that split personality thing comes in, kinda flip a switch and go a little crazy.”

  • “I never let my guard down, regardless of what’s happened in the past.”– Milan Lucic
  • Cabbie: “Will you send Komisarek a get well card?”Lucic: “Uh…(laughs)…no.”
  • “It’s funny, we actually got denied by some people. Their rule was they were selling to Vancouver fans and weren’t selling to Boston fans. Especially me, you know.” – Milan Lucic, on trying to buy tickets to the Stanley Cup Final for family & friends on Craig’s List.
  • “Winning doesn’t compare to the paycheck and all that kinda stuff. It’s a special kinda feeling that you can’t even describe.”
    – Milan Lucic, on not getting a paycheck during the playoffs.
  • “I don’t wanna sound cocky in any way but I guess you could say we’re kinda the new kings of the city. We’re not the last team to win a championship anymore.”– Milan Lucic
  • “The security walkin’ in was pretty cool. One of the things that you had to do, you had to stand over a fan and it blew your scent into a canine dog so the dog would smell you to see if you had drugs on you, see if you had anything on you before you went through the metal detectors.” – Milan Lucic, on the security at the White House.
  • Evan: “Now did you guys get to shake hands with the President? I mean what does his hand feel like, like he’s a basketball player, is it soft?”

    Lucic: “Yeah I was just gonna say that, very soft.”

  • Evan: “You know when you’re a 9 year-old and your class gets to go to the museum and there’s always the one kid who wants to go on the one side of the velvet rope or touch the dinosaur bone. Who bent the rule just a little bit, like ducked their head in that one office?”Cabbie: “Did anyone break a vase?”

    Lucic: “Uh there was this one painting that was from, I don’t know, 250 years ago that was in one of the rooms, it was a special oil painting. I guess it was worth 1.8 million dollars or something crazy like that and uh, I’m sure some of the guys touched it to see what it felt like.”

with Tyler Seguin

  • Cabbie:“A lot of athletes say they don’t play harder, or more intense against certain teams. But be honest, you have something against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

    Seguin: “(Laughs) I actually got asked that question a couple times before the game last night. It’s the hometown, kinda have to step up I guess against these guys. I don’t know I always try to play a little better against the Leafs, I guess.” Cabbie: “You always try…no, dude, you always do. I think it’s what…7 goals in 6 games, is that it?”

    Seguin: “My mom actually texted me after the game, she seemed a little mad at me, I thought I played a good game last night and I thought our team did well. Obviously the score was run up a little bit but my mom seemed a little pissed that we beat the Leafs so badly.”

    Cabbie: “(Laughing) Really?”

    Seguin: “Yeah I was kinda surprised. Like usually she’s supportive says, ya know ‘good game, honey’ even if I don’t get a shot on net and I’m minus 5 but last night was kinda like ‘why’d you beat the Leafs again? They’re the hometown boys.’ I was apologetic.

    Cabbie: “You guys didn’t just beat the Leafs, like earlier in the season it was a 7-0 drubbing and then Monday night it was an 8-0 drubbing. It wasn’t just beating, it’s smashing.”


  • Cabbie: “So Evan and I were talking before the Podcast, we were on our way up to the studio to record this. He was like, you’re like…how old are you nineteen or twenty?”

    Seguin: “I’m twenty now.”

    Cabbie: “You’re twenty. So I imagine, like we were just sayin’, when we were kids, you know the things that we-”

    Seguin: “I’M NOT A KID!”

  • Cabbie: “Did you ever see that Pittsburgh Penguins car commercial where like guys are rapping? Or that Ovechkin one, he did one for a Washington dealership that was just awful. I know the Pittsburgh one was horrendous. I think it was Marc Andre Fleury and I think like Kris Letang or something like that.”

    Seguin: “I guess you guys haven’t seen the commercial I did for the car yet, have you?”

  • Cabbie: “If you were to fight Sidney Crosby, how would it go down and do you believe you would come out victorious?”

    Seguin: “Honestly, with Sidney Crosby his obvious..core strength.. I don’t know how well I’d do in that fight but ya know, playing for the big bad Bruins, the fans almost expect that.”

  • “I don’t know it’s kinda weird, fighters I’ve met in this league, guys on our team, you know whether it’s Looch or Adam McQuaid, they’re the nicest, easiest going guys off the ice. You’d never really expect them to really get angry and then on the ice they just snap.” – Tyler Seguin, on the fighters of the team.
  • “I made a minor rookie mistake, not knowing there was a hierarchy in parking spots at the rink. I came into the rink, you know I had my new car, and Looch actually had his new Porsche he got and Andrew Ference had his new electric car that Justin Bieber got for his birthday, don’t ask how I know that. So they were all pulled up at the front, I figured why not I’ll show the boys my new car so I pulled up to the front. And when I get into the rink, my strength coach is yelling my name through the hallways and I’m like ‘what’s going on?’ and he goes ‘did you really park your car right at the front row?’ and I was like ‘yeaaah is that a problem?’ and he goes ‘yeah, what are you, 19 years old? You can’t be parking at the front row’ and I was like ‘okay sorry.’ So from now on I still park in the front row but it’s kinda way right to where the media parks and there’s actually a garbage disposal right beside my parking spot so I figured that’s enough to say that I’m still a rookie.” – Tyler Seguin on parking at the rink.
  • “I don’t know exactly what the car is, it might be a Mazda, it’s uh Chris Kelly’s.” – Tyler Seguin on who drives a less luxurious car.
  • Cabbie: “Who runs the iPod in the room and being that you’re only 20 years old do you get any say about the music that’s on that?”

    Seguin: “Absolutely not. I try, I mean usually, sometimes it depends if we put a couple wins in a row, the same guy will work the music. It’s usually between Ference, Boychuk and Shawn Thornton. Usually when Thornton’s playing his music it’s a little tougher, louder more aggressive. Not hip hop or dance, I guess that’s why I always yell at him to put some more provocative stuff on with more words that I can sing too.”

  • Seguin: “Usuallyit’s a miniature dance-off between Lucic, Boychuk and myself. That’s how we stay loose.”

    Cabbie:“Who’s usually at the top of that podium if it’s you 3 guys dancing?

    Seguin:“Boychuk. I mean Looch kinda just stands there puts his arms out in the air like a big gorilla and kinda dances with his chest, ya know. And I got, pretty much my go-to Dougie moves I do to pretty much any song these days, doesn’t really matter.”

Hope you enjoyed these because I sure did and it took a long fucking time to gather them all.

If you want to listen to the podcast go here for a few Cabbie Presents: The Podcast and download them on iTunes for free.

Also, Andrew Ference has taken over the Bruins Instagram?

AF21’s pic: “heeeeeyyy you guys”



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