Pre-game notes: Capitals vs. Bruins 3/29/2012

Its strange to think that two weeks ago we were in full on panic mode and now, with a win/OT loss tonight we’ll clinch a playoff spot. The Bruins have really turned things around recently, winning the last three games and just looking like they’re about to surge going into the playoffs. Classic Bruins. Scaring the crap out of us then flipping the switch. Tonight is a must win because A.) Playoff spot hello and B.) I feel meh about Alexander Ovechkin

The Bruins and Capitals are meeting for the fourth and final time this season, the Capitals having won 2 out of the 3 prior games. The Capitals are currently fighting for a playoff spot, sitting 2 points behind Buffalo and 5 points behind Florida. This just means that the Capitals will be fighting for every goal tonight. Coming out ready to play and skating hard is the key if the Bruins want to take this game early.

Our third line is on absolute fire coming into tonight’s game. They’ve been playing out of their minds so naturally they are the three players to watch tonight:

Brian Rolston- Currently on a 7 game point streak, with 3-9-12 totals in that streak. Rolston has really surprised everyone after a relatively slow start. Once he was familiar with the team and his linemates, he went from 0 to 60. Watching him play, you would never guess he was in the tail end of his career. Rolston is great at battling in the dirty areas and keeping the puck in the zone. Don’t be surprised if he lengthens his point streak to 8 games tonight.

Chris Kelly– Kelly has 3-4-7 totals in his last five games. He brings a lot to this team, doing pretty well in the faceoff circle and skating hard to make his line as productive as possible. Kelly is also on the brink of 20 goals, with a career high of his being 15. It’d be nice to see him score his 20th tonight in front of the Garden crowd. If Rolston has anything to say about it, he probably will.

Benoit Pouliot- All people can talk about is how ineffective and inconsistent Benoit Pouliot is but they’re certainly  quiet now. He’s 5-7-12 in his last eight of ten games and shows no signs of cooling off. He’s constantly in the right place at the right time to tip the puck in. Its likely he’ll score tonight, as he’s falling of course.

No huge roster changes happening tonight. Rich Peverley’s return has been tremendous for the Bruins and he’s added a lot of energy and speed to the team. Its nice to see him back so strong, as knee injuries can be tricky. Dan Paille is scratched most likely, his 3rd game in the row. Not sure how to feel about this. Paille hasn’t been playing poorly, and that fourth line is complete with him on it. Caron has cooled off after his freakish run where he was scoring left and right, so it’d be nice to see Julien swap the two on who’s scratched.

Depending on who you ask, the only major change occurring tonight is that Seidenberg is out and Corvo is finally back in. Seidenberg is out with an infection, so its up in the air as to how long he’ll be sidelined for. The team has been playing considerably better without Corvo so it’ll be interesting to see what happens tonight. Its a known fact that if they lose, everyone will blame Corvo. Life is hard when you’re the team scapegoat.

Projected Lineup:








I believe it’s Timmy in net tonight.

Final Thoughts

  • I have none really. Lets win tonight. Woo~ I will say this though. If you’re feeling down, go to the website. Click on league leaders. Go to the plus-minus section and smile forever. You’re welcome.

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