Pre-game Notes Round 1: Capitals vs. Bruins-Game Two 4/14/12

If you’re a Bruins fan, you’re probably feeling pretty good about how the last two days have unfolded. Chris Kelly saved the day and took Game One for the Bruins on Thursday, and last night both the Penguins and Vancouver lost on home ice. As nice as it is to enjoy another team’s misery, we have more important things to worry about today. Game Two of the Quarterfinals will be going down today at the Garden, and its fully expected to be a battle to the end. If its anything like Game 1 was, its going to be a very long series. This is an important win for the Bruins, as it will give them a 2 game lead and momentum heading into Washington D.C.

Two important keys to winning today’s game

Figure out Washington’s defense: While its true that we vastly out shot the Caps and spent a lot of time in their zone, there’s a reason not one of those shots hit the back of the net. The Caps defense was limiting the Bruins, not allowing them to get close to the net. They were forced to take shots from far away, or from weird angles. The B’s offense works better when it can crash the net, or get rebounds. If the Bruins can outskate and outwit the Caps defense, its fair to say that the score will not be 0-0 for very long.

Remain defensively strong: The Bruins defense was incredible in Game 1, limiting the Capitals to 9 shots of goal through the first two periods, 18 shots overall. Timmy spent most of his game time alone in his end, or making easy saves. This is good, we like this. If the defensemen can all contribute and be where they need to be, this game is ours..

Players to watch:

Chara/Seidenberg: These two played out of their minds the other night. Chara was just skating around ripping off people’s faces and Seidenberg was chasing Ovi all night, hitting him every chance he got. There’s a reason these two are out there when the Caps put their top line out. They limited Ovechkin to one shot on goal. The Caps should be afraid of this pairing, very afraid. That means YOU Wideman.

Chris Kelly: Aside from the fact that he’s been amazing all year, he’ll be riding high on his GW from the other night. Confidence can do wonders. The third line is going to be huge during this playoff run, I can promise you that. Chris Kelly pisses excellence.

Milan Lucic: Their really isn’t much to say other than that Lucic is in playoff form. And you won’t like Lucic when he’s in playoff form. Unless you’re a Bruins fan that is.

Braden Holtby: This kid has every right to be a little cocky and confident going into today’s game. He played amazing on Thursday, and exceeded a lot of expectations. Unless the Bruins offense can figure him out, he won’t be allowing many shots to hit the back of the net.

Alexander Ovechkin: Watch him get smashed in the face and get thrown to the ice, nothing more.

Projected Lines:








Tim Thomas and his awesome mustache in net.

Final Thoughts:

Tumbling Kesler yo.


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