Post-Game Notes Round 1: Capitals vs. Bruins – Game Two 4/14/12

It was another low-scoring affair for the Black and Gold. If this series is going to go into OT every game, I may need to buy a pacemaker.

By the time the siren sounded and signaled the game was about to go into 2OT, everyone knew that the next goal would come from some sort of mental error. Both teams were playing phenomenal hockey, with the Capitals blocking shots like pros, and the Bruins rushing to the net when given the chance. Still, the Bruins know that they need to work on offense more. The defense is there. The Bruins need to find a way to move around the Capitals blocking shots if they are going to get a goal behind Holtby. Otherwise, I see this series coming down to a goaltender war.

The Capitals scored first in the second period when Brouwer found the back of the net and put the Capitals up. Benoit Pouliot tied it up for the Bruins in the third period with a fantastic shot and then tumble over the goalie, Holtby. The third line for the Bruins has been playing unbelievable hockey. In the first game, Kelly scored the winner for the Bruins. I’m a bit surprised our first two lines have been so quiet offensively. That was Pouliot’s first playoff goal and I think we can expect a lot of great things to continue from this third line.

After the tie, the Bruins and Caps went through a whole overtime period without any one scoring. There were a couple of chances for both teams, but no one seemed to capitalize on anything. The referees had pretty much put their whistles away at this point and just let the boys play.

Then the second overtime came. The Bruins were in their own zone and won the faceoff. The Capitals’ Johansson picked up the puck and passed it to Backstrom who sailed the puck over Thomas’s blocker and into the back of the net. After the puck went in, Thomas skated off the ice in a hurry and went into the locker room while the Capitals celebrated their victory in tying the series.

Oh yeah, and obligatory note about Ovechkin – he has had more hits than shots in both games of this series.

So the Bruins need to find the back of the net a lot more. They need to start scoring more than one goal a game if they want to actually start winning these games. Going into overtime is going to quickly tire out the entire time and the playoff season has only just begun.

Happy Patriots Day! Go watch the runners of the Boston Marathon and enjoy the nice weather!


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