2012 CTN Awards – The Winners

Now that the real NHL Awards are over and all of your votes have been cast, it’s time to announce the winners of the 2012 Crashing the Net Awards.











It was a fairly tight race between him and Scott Gomez, actually. But Ovechkin had a less than stellar season which is unacceptable when you’re a superstar caliber forward like Ovi.

I can’t even give Ovechkin one of those “at least you tried/participated” awards that every 10 year old gets at the end of their baseball season or some shit.

This one wasn’t even a competition! Cageface won in dominating fashion receiving 89% of the votes.

As a reward, you’ll be receiving a brand spanking new Mazda CX-5. We know you’re not only a family man, but a Mazda man. Congratulations buddy.

I have a feeling if we continue with these awards, he’ll have to make some more room on his shelves.

Ah Erik Karlsson loses, as it should be. DZ proved to be a valuable asset to the Rags this season.

HE WON BY 1 VOTE. 1 VOTE. This one was close. James Neal put up fantastic numbers this season and signed a 6-year extension not too long ago.

Our buddy Henrik may have taken home the Vezina trophy, but Stanley Cup champion and MVP Jonathan Quick will steal this one. 2.24 GAA last year, 1.95 this year. 6 shutouts last year, 10 this year. I’d would most definitely call that a vast improvement.

Captain Toews may be the only one who can give Danny Pie a run for his money in the derp department. The key component in being a derp is lacking any form of photogenicity, which is exactly what Daniel Paille possesses.

It’s pretty difficult to argue with this one.

I think the violence of this one was what really drew in the votes. Everyone loves a bloody brawl, and everyone loves seeing Raffi Torres get the snot beat out of him.

I think the Flyers front office can worry and be unhappy knowing they’re stuck with this gaping five hole for the next 9 years. Bryz’s pockets were deeper than Philly’s 2012 playoff run.

Time to get superficial. The Boston Bruins are not only talented but fucking flawless. Take it in, take it all in.

Ken Hitchcock winning the Jack Adams and Doug Armstrong nabbing GM of the Year are both strong indicators that you’ve got a good team. Last year, the Blues sat second to last in the Central division with a 38-33-11 record. This year? First in the division, a 49-22-11, oh and the best defensive team in hockey.

This one could have gone to any of the teams listed. Going into the playoffs this year, everyone looked really good. And I mean really good. Unfortunately (or fortunately for some) this was one of the most out of whack post-seasons we’ve seen in quite a while. A post-season where the top seeds get eliminated in the first round, the best don’t bring their best, and well, an 8th seed wins the Stanley Cup.

But one team that came into the 2012 playoffs looking incredibly promising? The New York Rangers. Talented goal-scorers, solid defense and arguably the best goaltender in the league. Unfortunately (or, again, fortunately for some) they were ousted in the Eastern Conference Final by the New Jersey Devils.


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