Hockey East Player Spotlight 4/25/13 — Nick Bonino

Nick Bonino

I am so excited to begin this Hockey East Player Spotlight here on CTNB with one of my favorite players from Boston University, Nick Bonino. Nick Bonino attended Boston University from 2007-2010, when he left after the 2010 hockey season at Boston University to join the Anaheim Ducks for the remainder of the season. Bonino was an integral part of the Boston University (Dominating) Terriers of 2008-2009, when they won EVERYTHING (literally – I remember the parade and they had a trophy for every senior graduating that year, which I guess was seven), including the NCAA Frozen Four title in Washington, D.C. against University of Miami (OH). Read more about Nick Bonino at Boston University, see some awesome Youtube clips, and more after the break.

At Boston Unversity

At Boston University

During his collegiate career with Boston University, Bonino played a total of 116 games. He scored 45 goals, 72 assists (the most being 32 in the 2008-2009 season), and had a total of 117 points.In the 2008-2009 season, Bonino had a huge season with 18 goals in 32 assists in 44 games. In fact, Boston University was 24-0-3 when Bonino earned a point in a game. He was also the assistant captain in the 2009-2010 season. After that season, he elected to leave the Boston University hockey program and went off to the NHL. He was put on the Anaheim Duck’s in 2010 to play a total of 9 games. For the next two years, he bounced back between the AHL team Syracuse Crunch, and the Anaheim Ducks. This season he is the center for the second line. Now you might be saying, “I don’t know much about this kid. What can he do?” Well, let me show you his first NHL goal that he scored on March 29, 2010.

And if that isn’t enough for you, we can just watch this youtube video in awe over his tying goal in the final seconds of the NCAA Frozen Four Championship game against the University of Miami (OH). I remember holding my breath watching these final seconds as the Terriers battled it out on the ice. I actually think I might have forgotten how to breathe.

You don’t have to watch the whole thing, but I highly encourage you do. If you do decide to sit and awe over how amazing of a game this was, keep your eye on the time. This was one of the greatest NCAA Division I Men’s Ice Hockey Championships ever. I don’t think anything will ever top this video for college hockey and Bonino was instrumental in sending the game into overtime with an assist and goal scored in the final minute of regulation.

In his first couple of years with the Ducks, Bonino has posted modest numbers. In the 2011-12 season, he had 5 goals and 13 assists in 50 games. So the numbers weren’t exactly there last season. The same thing happened to Bonino in his freshman year at Boston University – he didn’t post phenomenal numbers until his sophomore season (see all references to the 2008-2009 season). During the NHL lockout, Bonino traveled over to Europe to play in an Italian league.

Another great thing for Bonino this season? He gets to have his number. If anyone has played sports before, having your lucky number is IMPORTANT. For Bonino, that number is lucky 13. In an interview with the Orange County Register on January 14, 2013, Bonino expressed his happiness to have 13 for the 2012-2013 season with the Ducks. He also expresses his humility when it comes to playing in the NHL. He goes out and tries his best every day. Other players on the team, his line mate Bobby Ryan, says he is happy to have Bonino on the team and enjoys playing with him (source:

There is no question about it, Bonino was a stand out player at Boston University for the three seasons he played for the Terriers. Though his NHL career has only just begun and he has posted modest numbers, I think we can all expect big things from him in the 2013 season and the years to come. He is a great example of how Hockey East players have become key components to teams and have continued to grow in the NHL.


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