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Post-game notes: Bruins vs. Canadiens 12/5/13


It’s been a while. And the header needs updating as we have a new number 18 on the roster now (I’m sorry, Andrea).

I believe this blog slipped into hiding shortly after the B’s saw their hopes at a second Stanley Cup in three years slip away in a matter of 17 seconds. But enough about that.

Tonight, the Boston Bruins squared off-against the always lovely Montreal Canadiens. It felt like it’d been years since they last played each other, right? Actually it’d been approximately 9 months since we last saw the Smurfs. Unfortunately the game didn’t turn out as we planned as a well-rested Bruins squad failed to capitalize on playing a team that played 3 games in 4 nights. According to ESPN’s Joe McDonald, Claude Julien called Boston’s second period play “atrocious” and “embarrassing.”

The Bruins got on the board first with a goal from Gregory Campbell but an event of much greater significance occurred approximately 5 minutes into the game. As both Max Pacioretty and Johnny Boychuk went to battle for the puck along the end boards, Pacioretty checked Boychuk face-first into the dasher. I will note that this shouldn’t have been anything more than a minor penalty, which it was. This product was likely just a product of unfortunate timing and position. Either way, our stomachs were in knots seeing Boychuk go down like that. The scariest part was when his teammates tried to bring him to his feet, he was on all fours and seemed to be struggling immensely with his breathing.

Staff from both benches came onto the ice to help him and shortly after the stretcher was brought out. It took ten minutes to get Boychuk off of the ice and the Montreal crowd actually gave him a standing ovation as a left. He was sent to the hospital and it was later reported that he could move all of his extremities. He also traveled home with the team. Boychuk was examined by a specialist but no specific details have been released by the Bruins yet.

The Sports Hub recently said that Boychuk has suffered a lower-back injury and that it’s nothing serious. But we’ll have to wait until further information is released before making assumptions.

The second period of the game wasn’t pretty for Boston as Tomas Plekanec and Max Pacioretty put their team in front 2-1. And despite a monstrous effort in the third, that would be the final score of the game.

Claude Julien was not pleased with the effort that was put forth in the second period. Now, Montreal sits ahead of the Bruins by a point. But they’ve also played two more games. Now it’s up to the Bruins to win those games. It was a rough way to end a game against a rival but life goes on.

What we learned: This isn’t the first time the Boston Bruins haven’t put together a full, sixty minute effort. We’re getting tired of hearing it. But that’s what’s happening. Lapses in play that result silly mistakes, defensive breakdowns, and the opposition capitalizes. But the Bruins are still one of the best in the league. All we can hope for now is a bounce-back game against Pittsburgh and a speedy recovery from Johnny Boychuk.

Three Stars:
1.) Carey Price
2.) Max Pacioretty
3.) Tomas Plekanec


Post-game notes: Bruins vs. Jets 1/21/13

The Bruins came out looking a little less urgent and a little less alert than they did against New York on Saturday night. Winnipeg took advantage of that early as Chris Thorburn put one in the back of the net about two minutes into the game giving Winnipeg a 1-0 lead.

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Post-game notes: Bruins vs. Rangers 1/19/13

Crashing the Net is back!

More importantly, NHL hockey has returned.

Most importantly, the Boston Bruins served the New York Rangers a big plate of whoop ass in their home and season opener tonight. What better way to kick off the first game of the season than with an impressive win over a dominant force in the Eastern Conference?

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Post-Game Notes Round 1: Capitals vs. Bruins – Game Two 4/14/12

It was another low-scoring affair for the Black and Gold. If this series is going to go into OT every game, I may need to buy a pacemaker.

By the time the siren sounded and signaled the game was about to go into 2OT, everyone knew that the next goal would come from some sort of mental error. Both teams were playing phenomenal hockey, with the Capitals blocking shots like pros, and the Bruins rushing to the net when given the chance. Still, the Bruins know that they need to work on offense more. The defense is there. The Bruins need to find a way to move around the Capitals blocking shots if they are going to get a goal behind Holtby. Otherwise, I see this series coming down to a goaltender war.

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Post-game Notes Round 1: Capitals vs. Bruins – Game One 4/13/12

If this game represents what the rest of the series is going to look like, well, get the defibrillators ready.

Going into last night’s game the Boston Bruins held a 43-45 record in Game 1’s of a best of 7 series. A stat like that makes last night’s win, an overtime thriller, that much more exciting. Some interesting things to note about the ending of that game: In a recent interview Benoit Pouliot was talking about how the Bruins third line last year (Michael Ryder, Chris Kelly, Rich Peverley) came up very big for the Bruins in the playoffs.

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Post-game notes: Sabres vs. Bruins 4/8/12

Now, we say goodbye to the regular season.

And hello to the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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Post-game notes: Penguins vs. Bruins 4/3/12

I apologize that I’m posting these notes so late. I know you’re all dying to read about my thoughts about the Bruins’ performance last night and a mini-rant about the 7th player award. I got caught up reading the Hunger Games and I’m sure you all know what that’s like to get lost in a book (and if you haven’t read it, you should).

Despite the loss, I think the Bruins made a pretty good showing last night against the Penguins. They had a lot of scoring chances and were really great on the back check, but they just weren’t finding the back of the net as much as they would have liked to. The goals that they did score were well-earned and beautiful, but they needed to score a little bit more to beat Crosby and his pack.

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