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Quote of the Day – 2/23/12

“Buffalo is the worst place in the NHL, so I’m not too excited to go there, but I’ll be excited to leave.

– Brad Marchand


Quote of the Day – 2/10/12

“He’s been pulled back. He’s got some symptoms, so we pulled him back. …  He’s back to square one and we’re giving him some time here. Those symptoms, once he got back on the ice, came back.

– Claude Julien

Not good. Not good at all.

Quote of the Day – 2/5/12

To Mr. Kraft, Bill, your coaching staff, training staff, and all the players, on behalf of the Boston Bruins and myself I’d like to wish you guys the best in the upcoming game on Sunday. I know for a fact that all our players and all our coaches and our organization will be rootin’ for you. And the guys who didn’t, we already traded ’em away. They’re gone. So all the best, from myself and the rest of the Boston Bruins. Good luck! Go Pats!

– Claude Julien


Quote of the Day – 2/3/12

We just don’t seem to have focus for sixty minutes. We’re having little brain-farts that are costing us goals and opportunities and just little let-downs that are uncharacteristic of us.

– Brad Marchand

Quote of the Day – 2/2/12

@jlupul: Where’s the best place in Newport Beach for yoga? Feeling like getting my stretch on..
@jlupul: And absolutely NO Bikram! I did that once last summer and I think I’m still dehydrated. I’m from Canada and I don’t do anything over 100 deg
@ryanwhitney6: I did bikram last night. I’m still in bed.
@jlupul: but I’m in peak physical condition and ur Ryan Un-fit-ney.
@ryanwhitney6: my grandmother has a stronger back than you

Quote of the Day 2/1/12

How long have you got? There are thousands of memories that wash over me, and trying to sort out just one might be impossible. But Nathan Horton’s Game 7 OT winner against Montreal last spring was right up there. Just about ruptured my throat — and I literally saw stars. My blood pressure must have been ridiculous. What a moment, from 0-2 down in the series to knock off the Habs. To me it was the closest call of the Cup run. And Montreal hasn’t recovered from that moment.

– Jack Edwards, when asked about his most memorable moment as a broadcaster for the Boston Bruins.

Quote of the Day 1/31/12

“We just wanna give a big thumbs up to the Ottawa Senators for really helping their fans out and reminding them since 1992 how many Cups they’ve in fact won.

Aaron Ward

Aaron Ward, you are one funny man.